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Monday, October 8, 2012


for my history of fashion class i had to create a visual display replicating a modern day baroque era. of course i was super excited about this because it allowed me to use my creativity and create a window display which is something i really enjoy doing. i incorporated modern day apparel and props that were inspired by the lavish baroque era.

i am always so inspired by bergdorf's window displays so that is where some of my inspiration came from. the use of props and outside materials that have nothing to do with fashion or beauty somehow ties their window displays together and creates a piece of art. it would be my dream to work for their visual team one day and be apart of such an inspiring and innovative team.

i used Dolce and Gabanna's Fall 2012 RTW collection for the four left mannequins and the beautiful gown on the right is none other than Marchesa which is apart of their Fall 2012 RTW collection.

Friday, October 5, 2012

sandy oh sandy

the weather has finally started to drop and i am getting a little bit of those chilly nights that i've been praying for, still not sweater or boot weather.

as a broke college student living in LA, i can't afford to many fashion purchases so i have to be creative with creating and styling. sometimes it's frustrating but it really brings out your survival needs (fashion survial needs of course). hey, this can be life or death.

grease inspired:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

sweater romance

lately i've been in the mood for romance. as i walk down the city streets with my headphones on, all i can listen to is my "world series kind of stuff playlist," (yes that's actually what it's called). music can really affect how we feel and how we feel plays into what we wear. 

when i think of romance during this time of year, i think of long walks, crunching on leaves, breathing in the crisp air. i think of cuddling up in large sweaters. sharing hot chocolate. ah, i'm such a sucker. autumn is truly romantic. weather is romantic.

although LA doesn't get an autumn or hardly any seasons at all, i am still looking forward to it cooling down so i can participate in what everyone and their mother's seem to be showing off everywhere but here. it's been over 100 degrees here the past few weeks so there is no way over-sized sweaters and boots are going to be worn by me.

here a few sweaters that are on my wish-list this "fall" as soon as the weather cools down.

                     $59                                $80                                $89                                 $155

                      $44                               $71                                   $80                              $115

here are some of the songs and artists that have inspired this post:

photographs and memories by jason reeves
endlessly - green river ordinance
come back to bed - john mayer
learning to love again - mat kearny

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

strips, prints, polka dots GALORE

i can't tell you how fun this post was. i get so excited creating looks. it's what i'm best at. this is what makes me excited for my future and for becoming a successful stylist. 

i did this post because mixing and matching patterns is one of the biggest trends this fall. i wanted to give you an insight on some outfit ideas on how to pull together some great looks on a budget. the possibilities are endless. after all, if it matches.. it probably doesn't look as good as it would mix-matched.

sweater - asos
pants - asos
shoes -
clutch - asos
necklace - forever 21
bracelet - forever 21

blazer - j. crew
sequin peplum - topshop
pants - forever 21
shoes -
bracelets - forever 21

cardigan -urban outfitters
button up tank - topshop
aztec skirt - topshop
tights - forever 21
shoes -
necklace - forever 21

sweater -
pants - asos
shoes -
bag - asos
necklace - forever 21
bracelet - forever 21

sweater - urban outfitters
skirt - topshop
shoes - urbanog
bag - asos
belt -
necklace - forever 21
bracelet - forever 21


cardigan - urban outfitters
skirt - allsaints
tank top - forever 21
tights - forever 21
shoes -
necklace - forever 21


what's your favorite piece? mine is the all saints skirt and the leopard print cardi! this post definitely made me want to go fall/winter shopping! oh i love being a broke college student!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"OMG! are. those. real?"

by using my mascara favorites, you can answer "of course!" to that question every time. i've never gotten into fake lashes, part of that is because i've found some really great mascaras that work perfectly for me, both drugstore and beauty store! it took me awhile to find that perfect one that really gave me both length and volume but after a little trail and error i am happy to say that i've forever found my staple mascaras!

1. Rimmel London Glam Eyes - this product has been my go-to for many years, it emphasizes in length and can really help extend them beautifully ($8 at any drugstore)

2. Loreal Voluminous - this is an absolute staple beauty item, this is the original loreal mascara and is excellent for giving length AND volume at such a great price ($6 at any drugstore)

3. Benefit "They're Real" - can we say fabulous? this mascara exceeded my expectations when i first bought it. it really does give you great length AND volume beyond what you can expect from any mascara ($23 at sephora or ulta)

4. Make-up Forever Smoky Lash - my absolute favorite mascara. i will swear on this product time and time again. it does wonders for volume AND length. i've gotten asked many times, "are those your real lashes??" fully recommend this product to anyone who's been looking for a great mascara for a long time! ($23 at sephora or ulta)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

save your florals!

summer has officially come and gone. one of the hardest patterns to say goodbye to is the florals. but who says you have to say goodbye? there's a happy medium that we can settle with. incorporate your old spring and summer floral prints into your new fall and winter pieces.

add an animal print or dark pant (a leather pant would be another great alternative) to a floral top, add a leather jacket to make it even more edgy. add a boot to incorporate those "must have" fall pieces.

throw your over-sized sweater or cardigan over a summer dress and pair it with some wool socks and chunky heels or booties (the socks could even be a floral print).

for those casual days, throw a dark or light denim button-up over some dark leggings. add a floral pattern bag to lighten up the look. even a floral pattern shoe with an animal print bag would be a great look too!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dress stop

ever have a hard time finding the perfect dress? your answer is yes. we have all gone through this dilemma. it's not only about the right color, right fit or right length. it's about finding a dress that fits your personality and showcases you at your finest. a dress can say a lot, no matter the occasion. i always find that the best dresses are found when least expected. so if you love it, buy it; no matter if you have an occasion for it or not. it will come in handy and you can thank me later.

i will share with you a few of my favorite websites for finding the perfect dresses for any occasion (on a budget of course). i can always find a unique dress that suits the purpose and beyond.

ModCloth - they have the cutest vintage dresses. they are perfect for weddings and day time activities.

Us Trendy - they have the perfect edgy dresses. you can always expect to find the unexpected. weather it's for that special date or for a night out to dinner with your parents. there's many styles to go around for everyone.

TopShop - always have been my go-to site for fabulous evening dresses. they have the dresses for the holidays (especially new year's). although that seems so far away, it's always good to be prepared. the cut-outs, plunging necklines and sparkles are making me drool. can we start early and cheers to looking fabulous this holiday season?