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Saturday, August 25, 2012

date night

We all have that mini panic attack when trying to figure out what to wear on the first date. It’s not an easy task and if you claim that it is, I’m calling your bluff..  The first date is always the toughest because it gives the other person an instant first impression. It’s almost exactly like an interview. You’re getting to know that person; it’s question after question and it can be exhausting! Why put yourself in an uncomfortable outfit when you are already in an uncomfortable situation!

Here are a few simple rules that will help along the process of choosing your outfit:

1. Keep it classy – Wearing items that are too revealing send out the wrong message. How is he supposed to concentrate when you’re on the verge of a nip slip? It’s your first date. Take it easy. If you have ulterior motives other than genuinely getting to know that person then you shouldn’t be on that “date,” get to the clubs.

2. Keep it simple - There are times to be vibrant, there are times to be edgy and there are times to be minimal. This is one of those times. Wearing loud apparel items can distract. Don’t change your style, just modify. (It’s perfectly okay to wear a few loud accessories).

3. Be yourself – The phrase “fake it til you make it” doesn’t apply here. Don’t wear something that’s totally not you. Don’t try to be someone else. We’ve all done it, and it can be exhausting trying to be someone we're not! You can impress anyone by being yourself if your confidence is evident. And confidence, my friend is the most attractive thing you can wear.

Here a few date night outfits to help you out!

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