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Thursday, September 27, 2012

"OMG! are. those. real?"

by using my mascara favorites, you can answer "of course!" to that question every time. i've never gotten into fake lashes, part of that is because i've found some really great mascaras that work perfectly for me, both drugstore and beauty store! it took me awhile to find that perfect one that really gave me both length and volume but after a little trail and error i am happy to say that i've forever found my staple mascaras!

1. Rimmel London Glam Eyes - this product has been my go-to for many years, it emphasizes in length and can really help extend them beautifully ($8 at any drugstore)

2. Loreal Voluminous - this is an absolute staple beauty item, this is the original loreal mascara and is excellent for giving length AND volume at such a great price ($6 at any drugstore)

3. Benefit "They're Real" - can we say fabulous? this mascara exceeded my expectations when i first bought it. it really does give you great length AND volume beyond what you can expect from any mascara ($23 at sephora or ulta)

4. Make-up Forever Smoky Lash - my absolute favorite mascara. i will swear on this product time and time again. it does wonders for volume AND length. i've gotten asked many times, "are those your real lashes??" fully recommend this product to anyone who's been looking for a great mascara for a long time! ($23 at sephora or ulta)

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