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about me

hi! it's brittney. put er there.  
i'm currently a fashion student who has plans of becoming a fashion stylist and to have my own styling agency. i am a born and raised mid-western girl, but i'm a city girl at heart. i left home to move to the city to follow my dreams and i haven't looked back since. i am an extremely determined dreamer who encourages every ambitious thought that enters into my head. fashion has been an inspiration in my life ever since i refused to wear what my mother picked out for me on picture day when i was 7. 

fashion is not a hobby, it's not a dream and it's not something you learn. it's something you know. fashion is apart of our everyday lives and deserves to be celebrated. whether you believe it's a "fashion do" or a "fashion don't" (those do really exist), it's your "fashion do" and "fashion don't," so embrace it with confidence. that my friend is what the industry likes to call a fashion innovator.  

i'd like to believe that we are all innovators at some point in our lives, even if it's just for a small moment in time. so grab that beautiful studded clutch and that glass of rose champagne and help me celebrate the fashion innovators. 

cheers to us!

** if you wish to use any of my personal photos or graphics please notify me via email as well as providing a link or citing my blog. thank your for your cooperation!