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there are many people, places and things that inspire me. all of which have made a huge impact on who i am today as a person as well as my fashion style and aesthetic. i am always and forever easily inspired. 

they call me a dreamer, i wouldn't have it any other way.


lauren conrad - she has inspired me to go after my dreams with everything i am. she is one of the first people who made me realize that i wanted to pursure fashion as a career.

jason reeves - his music and lyrics inspire me in every way possible. they inspire me to dream, to dream of love, to be kind and to love, did i say that twice? oops.

rachel zoe - her infamous catch phrases aren't the only things that i embody. her pure talent and knowledge of the fashion industry has really inspired me to be one of the best.

miley cyrus - she has grown up with me. i have always admired her for doing things differently. for proving that it's okay to be the person you want to be. she will forever be my go to style icon and has inspired basically my entire wardrobe.


the ocean - have you ever just stared out into the ocean and caught yourself realizing that you are only a small dot on this earth? it puts things into perspective and makes you think about the beauty of this world.

new york - each time i visit, i come back home longing for the subways and taking a late night stroll on the city streets. it is full of so much hustle and bustle that is so lustrous. city life is like nothing else.

paris - although i have never been, i intend to with every ounce of my being. this is the place for fashion and romance. two of my favorite things. 


blair - one of my absolute favorite bloggers, she is the reason why i started blogging. her style and aesthetic is impeccable.

molly (bridget) - her blog is very real and down to earth. she has inspired me to blog more about life experiences and everyday activities along with fashion (of course). her posts are very creative and inspiring.

stay tuned for more bloggers, who knows you may be on here soon.

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